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Опис: Colombia. 8 Escudos, 1769/7 PN-J (Popayan). Fr-24; KM-38.2. 26.99 grams. Charles III, 1759-1788. Draped bust of Ferdinand VI right; name of Charles III in legend. Reverse: Crowned arms, Order of Golden Fleece around. Denticles weak at upper edge, but devices full, even and sharp. Much of the proof-like fields remain. Rare in this grade, the underdate very evident. NGC graded AU-58. The so called "transitional" types are coins with the portrait of the previous kings (in this case Ferdinand VI), and the legend of the new king (here, Charles III). It should be appreciated, in these times of precarious and slow transportation, how long it could take to transport new dies with up to date likenesses of the new king. It was easy to change the legend, but far more difficult to get the accepted portrait of the king. There seemed to be a lack of urgency as well to modernize the portrait. This coin was struck ten years after Charles ascended the throne. Estimated Value $8,000 - 9,000. Ex Trigo Collection. Ex Millennia, Lot 1020. Categories: World Gold
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Under Charles' reign (1759 – 1788), Spain began to be recognized as a nation rather than a collection of kingdoms and territories with a common sovereign. His efforts resulted in creation of a National Anthem, a flag, and a capital city worthy ...
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Група монет
 Номінал: 8 Ескудо
 Метал: Золото
 Країна: Нова Ґранада (1717 - 1819)
 Особистість: Карл III король Іспанії (1716 -1788)
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Варіанти монети: 9 штук
Ціни: 9 штук
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