1 Dirham

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 Denomination: 1 Dirham
 Metal: Copper
 State: United Arab Emirates
 Catalog reference:
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Coin variations: 12 instance(s)
2021-02-18 - New coin is added to 1 Denarius Roman Empire (27BC-395) Silver Marcus Aurelius (1 ...

    1 Denarius Roman Empire (27BC-395) Silver Marcus Aurelius (1 ...
group has    4 coins / 3 prices

MARCUS AURELIUS (161-180). Denarius. Rome. Obv: IMP M AVREL ANTONINVS AVG. Bare head right. Rev: CONCORD AVG TR P XV / COS III. Concordia seated left on throne, holding patera and resting elbow o ...
2021-02-24 - Live Coin Catalog's improvements / coins grouping

121 coins were grouped from 2021-02-17 to 2021-02-24
One of them is:

    500 Forint Hungary Silver Béla Bartók
group has    9 coins / 9 prices

HUNGARY 1981 500 Forint Bela Bartok Silver Crown UNC
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