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Описание: Armenia, Artaxiad Kingdom. Tigranes II the Great. Silver Tetradrachm (15.8 g), 95-56 BC. Antioch on the Orontes. Diademed and draped bust of Tigranes II right, wearing tiara decorated with star between two eagles. Reverse : BAΣIΛEΩ-Σ / TIΓPANOY, Tyche seated right on rock, holding laurel branch; below, river-god Orontes swimming right; inner right field by leg, small Θ; on rock below, HΔ monogram; all within wreath. SCADA grp. 2, dies A31/P88; Bedoukian 19; Nercessian 31. Quite rare in this state of preservation. Extremely Fine. Before ruling in the mountainous interior of Anatolia, Tigranes II spent many years as a hostage in the court of Mithradates II of Parthia. When he was 40, Tigranes I died and Tigranes II was able to 'purchase' his freedom by ceding to Parthia a large part of Media Atropatene. Once on the throne he quickly subdued the local barons of Armenia, who hitherto had paid only nominal submission to the king, thus centralizing his rule with a tight grip. He then went on to invade his neighbors, expanding his kingdom in all directions at their expense. During the First Mithradatic War between Mithradates VI of Pontos and Rome, Tigranes was careful to maintain the appearance of neutrality all the while secretly supporting Mithradates. Subsequently, however, he allied with Pontos overtly, marrying Mithradates' daughter, Cleopatra, and sheltering Mithradates when he had been defeated by Rome. This, of course, brought Armenia into direct conflict with Rome, and in two engagements with Lucullus, the Roman consul in charge of pursuing the war against Mithradates, Tigranes was soundly defeated. Lucullus, however, was not successful in capturing either Mithradates or Tigranes, and so after years of conducting an inconclusive war he was recalled to Rome and replaced by Pompey the Great. Pompey was much more effective. He quickly brought Tigranes to heal, forcing him to give up the territories he had conquered during his long reign in return for allowing him to remain on his throne. Estimated Value $6,000 - 7,000. Categories: Ancient Greek
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