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Описание: Sicily, Naxos, c. 425-415 BC. AR Tetradrachm (16.74 g). Head right of Dionysios, hair bound with taenia ornamented with ivy. Reverse Silenos squatting, head left, holding kantharos and thyrsos; to left, ivy plant. Cahn 100 (plate V, V66/R82; these dies); Gulbenkian 232 (these dies); Jameson 677 (these dies); SNG München 761 (these dies); SNG Fitzwilliam 1113 (these dies). Large flan with underlying luster and lovely toning. Superb Extremely Fine. Naxos was the oldest Greek colony on the island of Sicily. It was located on the east coast of the island, close to modern Taormina. In 404 BC, the city was razed by the tyrant Dionysios of Syracuse, so her coinage was quite limited. In fact, for this type, we know of only one obverse die being paired with five different reverse dies. Our coin is one of the very finest specimens known, struck upon an unusually large flan. The two casting spurs are prominent; each flan was first cast, adjusted for proper weight, then struck between hardened dies. The strength of strike was considerable, making every lock of hair clearly defined. For decades now, more and more collectors have turned their eyes to the past. They hear the voices, and now and then, the music. History needs time to achieve a proper perspective and a more unbiased overview. Generations of numismatists, while reminding us that each and every coin has its story to tell, have grouped the most historical, the earliest, the rarest and, importantly, the most beautiful and inspiring Greek coins. While these artistically compelling coins include those minted at Amphipolis and other city-states, a majority of the finest designs ever conceived and created were minted in Sicily. This particular tetradrachm we now offer is one of those coins - an unforgettable, first-water treasure of numismatic art. Estimated Value $140,000 - 160,000. Ex Triton XII (1/6/09), lot 95. Categories: Ancient Greek
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Эта монета была продана за   $110000.0

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