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1646, Netherlands, Gelderland. Large Silver Lion Daalder (Dog Dollar) Coin. aXF-

Mint Year: 1646 Province: Gelderland Reference: Davenport 4850, KM-30. State: Netherlands (United Provinces) Condition: Minor deposits and a few edge scrapes, otherwise about XF! Denomination: Daalder of 48 Stuivers (Lion Daalder / Lion Dollar / Dog Dollar) Weight: 26.95gm Diameter: 41mm Material: Silver

Obverse: Standing knight left, head right, in front of his legs arms shield bearing a standing lion. Legend: MO . ARG PRO : CON - FOE . BELG . GEL

Reverse: Heraldic lion left. Legend: CONFIDENS . DNO . NON . MOVETVR . I646 : Translated: "Relying on God I shall not be Confounded"

The lion dollar circulated throughout the Middle East and was imitated in several German and Italian cities. It was also popular in the Dutch East Indies as well as in the Dutch New Netherlands Colony (New York). The lion dollar also circulated throughout the English colonies during the Seventeenth and early Eighteenth centuries. Examples circulating in the colonies were usually fairly well worn so that the design was not fully distinguishable, thus they were sometimes referred to as "dog dollars."

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