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1628, Archduke Leopold V. Silver Thaler Coin. Rare Type! Ensisheim (France) mint!

Mint Period: 1628 Denomination: Thaler Reference: Davenport 3353, KM-267.4. R! Ruler: Leopold V (Archduke of Further Austria). Mint Place: Ensisheim (Alsace, Germany/France) Condition: Welding scar at 12 o'clock (once used as a pendant), minor deposits, otherwise a nice XF! Weight: 27.62gm Diameter: 41mm Material: Silver

Obverse: Crowned and armored half-lenght figure (with lion´s face shoulder-piece!) of Archduke Leopold V right, holding scepter and sword. Vertical date (. in right field. Legend: : LEOPOLDVS . D : G : ARCHIDVX . AVS . TRIAE .

Reverse: Crowned composite coat-of-arms small centered shield of Alsace (France) in the middle. Legend: : SAC . CAES : MA : ARTER : PROVINC . PLEN : GVB :

Authenticity Unconditionally guaranteed.

Leopold V, Archduke of Further Austria (Graz, October 9, 1586 - September 13, 1632 in Schwaz, Tirol) was the son of Archduke Archduke Charles II of Inner Austria, and the younger brother of Emperor Ferdinand II, father of Ferdinand Charles, Archduke of Further Austria. He was Bishop of Passau and Strasbourg (until 1625) and Archduke of Further Austria including Tirol.

He was invested as bishop in 1598, as a child, even though he had not been ordained as a priest. From 1609 onwards he fought with his mercenaries in the Julian Dispute of Inheritance against Maximilian III, Archduke of Further Austria in Tirol, and 1611 for Rudolf II in Bohemia.

In 1619 upon the death of his kinsman and former rival, he became governor of Maximilian's inheritance: Further Austria and Tirol, where he attained the position of a sovereign, i.e Archduke of Further Austria from 1623 to 1630. He had the Custom House and the Jesuit Church be built in Innsbruck. He fought for the Veltlin and defended Tirol against the Swedes in 1632.

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