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1934, Poland (2nd Republic). Silver 5 Zlotych Coin. Jozef Pilsudski / Rifle Corps Eagle!

Mint Year: 1934 Mint Place: Warsaw Reference: KM-25 (1-Year Type). R! Condition: Light depositss, ohterwise about XF! Denomination: 5 Zlotych - Jozef Pilsudski / Rifle Corps Material: Silver (.750) Weight: 10.97gm Diameter: 28mm

Obverse: Uniformed bust of Jozef Pilsudski left. Date (1934) at 4 o'clock near rim.

Reverse: Polish Eagle as on the Polish Rifle Corps hat badge radiant. Legend around, date and denomination below. Legend: RZECZPOSPOLITA POLSKA / 5 ZLOTYCH 5

Jozef Klemens Pilsudski (5 December 1867 - 12 May 1935) was a Polish statesmanâ€â€?Chief of   State (1918-22), "First Marshal" (from 1920), and authoritarian leader   (1926-35) of the Second Polish Republic. From mid-World War I he had a   major influence in Poland's politics, and was an important figure on the   European political scene. He is considered largely responsible for   Poland's regaining its independence in 1918, after 123 years of   partitions. Pilsudski successfully annexed Vilnius from Lithuania   following Å»eligowski's Mutiny but was unable to incorporate most of   his Lithuanian homeland into the newly resurrected Polish State.

Early in his political career, Pilsudski became a   leader of the Polish Socialist Party. Concluding, however, that Poland's   independence would have to be won by force of arms, he created the   Polish Legions. In 1914 he anticipated the outbreak of a European war,   the Russian Empire's defeat by the Central Powers, and the Central   Powers' defeat by the western powers. When World War I broke out, he and   his Legions fought alongside the Austro-Hungarian and German Empires to   ensure Russia's defeat. In 1917, with Russia faring badly in the war,   he withdrew his support from the Central Powers.

From November 1918, when Poland regained independence, until 1922, Pilsudski was Poland's Chief of State.   In 1919-21 he commanded Poland's forces in the Polish-Soviet War. In   1923, with the Polish government dominated by his opponents,   particularly the National Democrats, he withdrew from active politics.   Three years later, he returned to power with the May 1926 coup d'etat, and became the de facto dictator of Poland. An Italian fascist ambassador to Warsaw described   him as "a liberal democrat in the clothes of an old-world knight". From   then until his death in 1935, he concerned himself primarily with   military and foreign affairs.

For at least thirty years until his death, Pilsudski   pursued, with varying degrees of intensity, two complementary   strategies, intended to enhance Poland's security: "Prometheism", which   aimed at breaking up, successively, Imperial Russia and the Soviet Union   into their constituent nations; and the creation of an Intermarum   federation, comprising Poland and several of her neighbors. Though a   number of his political acts remain controversial, Pilsudski's memory is   held in high esteem by his compatriots.

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 Denominazione: 5 Zloty
 Metallo: Argento
 Stato: Seconda Repubblica Polacca (1918 - 1939)
 Persona: Józef Piłsudski
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