20 Eurocent

Schön-281, KM-3086 Country Austria Years 2002-2007 Value 20 Euro Cent Metal Nordic Gold Weight 5.74 g Diameter 22.25 mm Obverse The Belvedere Palace, one of the most beautiful baroque palaces in Austria where the treaty re-establishing the sovereignty of Austria was signed in 1955, making its name synonymous with freedom, is encircled by the facial value, heraldic hatchings representing the Austrian flag and the twelve stars of Europe Lettering: EURO CENT 20 2007 Engraver: Josef Kaiser Reverse A map, next to the facial value, symbolizes the gathering of the fifteen nations of the European Union Lettering: 20 LL EURO CENT Engraver: Luc Luycx Luc Luycx is the designer of the common side of the euro coins. Luycx is a computer engineer, and medallist living in Dendermonde, Belgium, and has worked for the Royal Belgian Mint for 15 years. He designed the euro coins in 1996.
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 Denomination: 20 Eurocent
 Metal: Copper
 State: Republic of Austria (1955 - )
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Coin variations: 2 instance(s)
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