1 Dime / 10 Cent    (Venduta per $2500.0)

Descrizione: 1837. Large Date. SEGS graded Proof 61. Pleasing golden toning with full mirror surfaces and squared rims. Light hairlines in the right obverse field along with a toning spot. This remarkably artistic No Stars design is by assistant engraver at the Philadelphia Mint, Christian Gobrecht. He'd been employed in the establishment for several years when the chief engraver, William Kneass suffered a stroke (1835) before completing a project to redesign the capped bust coinage. Kneass stepped aside to let Gobrecht provide new dies (based on sketches by artists Thomas Sully and Titian Peale). The design features Liberty seated on a rocky outcrop supporting a shield by her side with one hand while in the other she holds a pole surmounted by a liberty cap. It is thought that about 30 Proofs in all, were struck of the new design in 1837, possibly more. A fair number have been certified by the two major services pointing to the fact that these, being a novel new design, were saved by early day collectors and visitors to the mint. Some Small Date 1837 dimes parade around as Proofs, but belief is that all valid 1837 Proofs are from the Large Date die. They have a diagnostic raised die line on the reverse from the rim above the first T in STATES, as well as a faint die scratch through the ES and O in STATES OF. Estimated Value $5,000 - 5,500. Categories: Dimes
Questa moneta è stata venduta per   $2500.0

Notes: http://www.goldbergcoins.com/view-auctions/catalog/id/19/lot/46744/ $5,000 - $5,500 2012-05-27

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Gruppo Monete
 Denominazione: 1 Dime
10 Cent
 Metallo: Rame
 Stato: Stati Uniti d'America (1776 - )
Descrizione:   English
Variazioni delle monete: 9 pezzi
Prezzi: 9 pezzi
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