1 Cent

Schön-518b, KM-490A Country Canada Years 2003-2012 Value 1 Cent Metal Copper plated Steel Weight 2.35 g Diameter 19.05 mm Obverse The portrait in right profile of Elizabeth II, when she was 77 years old, is surrounded with the inscription "ELIZABETH II D • G • REGINA" (Elizabeth II, Queen by the grace of God). Lettering: ELIZABETH II D·G·REGINA Engraver: Susanna Blunt Susanna Blunt is a Canadian portrait artist who designed the most recent portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the current Canadian coinage, which began in 2003. She was born in Harbin, China, the daughter of an English banker. Blunt started her studies at the Banff School of Fine Arts as a young teenager. Reverse A maple leaf twig is surrounded with the facial value and the inscription "CANADA". Lettering: 1 CENT 2003 CANADA Engraver: George Kruger Gray George Kruger Gray was an English artist, best remembered for his designs of coinage and stained glass windows.
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Gruppo Monete
 Denominazione: 1 Cent
 Metallo: Rame
 Stato: Canada
 Persona: Elisabetta II (1926-)
 Codice sul catalogo:
Descrizione:   English
Variazioni delle monete: 2 pezzi
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