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5 Drachma Second Hellenic Republic (1924 - 1935) Nichel
2021-01-07  smartcoin
5 Drachma Second Hellenic Republic ...
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1 Taler Schwarzburg-Sondershausen (1599-1920) Argento
2020-12-13  smartcoin
1 Taler Schwarzburg-Sondershausen ( ...
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The $2.50 Liberty gold coin was authorized by a Congressional act on April 2, 1792. The quarter eagle went through many designs and in 1840 Christian Gobrecht redesigned the quarter eagle to create the $2.50 Liberty Head also referred to as the $2.50 Coronet. The goal of Christian Gobrecht& ...
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    1 Litas Lituania (1991 - ) Argento
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BRAZIL 1900 2000 Reis Discovery Ship Silver XF
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CoinWorldTV 1776, Dalmatia, Ragusa (Republic). Silver Tallero (Thaler) Coin. Damaged F-VF! ...