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CoinWorldTV 1765, Nuremberg (Free City), Emperor Joseph II. Large Silver Thaler Coin. VF Denomination: Thaler Engraver: J. L. Oexlein Mint Year: 1765 (S-N-R) Mintmasters: Scholz & Riedner (S-R) Reference: Kellner 343, Davenport 2492, KM-348. Mint Place: Nuremberg (as Free Imperial State, G ...
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    1 Peso Guatemala Argent
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GUATEMALA 1882AE 1 Peso Silver Crown VF+ - 1 Year Type
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    8 Real Pérou Argent Charles III d'Espagne (1716 -1788)
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1775,PERU. 8 Reales, 1775-MJ. Charles III (1759-88). PCGS MS-62 Secure Holder.KM-78; FC-30; El-32. A highly lustrous example with only the lightest touch of toning. The finest certified example o ...
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