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1706, Hungary, Ferenc II Rákóczi. Copper 20 Poltura Coin. Revolutionary Coinage!

Mint Year: 1706 Mint Place: Kremnitz (P-H)   Denomination: 20 Poltura (XX Poltura) Reference: Huszar 1529, KM-275.2. R! Condition: Cleaned (lightly tooled) in the past, now retoned, otherwise XF!  Weight: 15.97gm Material: Copper Diameter: 36mm

Obverse: Crowned Hungarian coat of arms splitting date (17-06).

Reverse: Madonna with child standing on crescent, flanked by mint initials (P.-H.) above value (XX) within foliage. Legend: * PRO LIBERTATE *

Rákóczi's War for Independence (1703–1711) was the first significant freedom fight in Hungary against absolutist Habsburg rule. It was fought by a group of noblemen, wealthy and high-ranking progressives who wanted to put an end to the inequality of power relations, led by Francis II Rákóczi (II. Rákóczi Ferenc in Hungarian). Its main aims were to protect the rights of the different social orders, and to ensure the economical and social development of the country. Due to the adverse balance of forces, the political situation in Europe and internal conflicts the freedom fight was eventually suppressed, but it succeeded in keeping Hungary from becoming an integral part of the Habsburg Empire, and its constitution was kept, even though it was only a formality.

Ferenc (Francis) II Rákóczi (March 27, 1676 – April 8, 1735) was the leader of the Hungarian uprising against the Habsburgs in 1703-11 as the prince (fejedelem) of the Estates Confederated for Liberty of the Kingdom of Hungary. He was also Prince of Transylvania, an Imperial Prince, and a member of the Order of the Golden Fleece. Today he is considered a national hero in Hungary.

He was born in Borsi, Royal Hungary and died in Rodosto, Ottoman Empire.

His full title was: Franciscus II. Dei Gratia Sacri Romani Imperii & Transylvaniae princeps Rakoczi. Particum Regni Hungariae Dominus & Siculorum Comes, Regni Hungariae Pro Libertate Confoederatorum Statuum necnon Munkacsiensis & Makoviczensis Dux, Perpetuus Comes de Saros; Dominus in Patak, Tokaj, Regécz, Ecsed, Somlyó, Lednicze, Szerencs, Onod.

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