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Description: Great Britain. Guinea, 1714. S.3574; Fr-320; KM-534. Anne, 1702-1714. Obverse, draped bust of Queen left. Reverse, crowned cruciform shields with scepters in angles. This coin is in mint state with only the slightest evidence of blank filing - a process quite usual for this series. Beautifully struck with both sides of this specimen bathed in warm golden luster. Today very rare to find so nice. NGC graded MS-61. WINGS Approved. * 1714 was the year in which Queen Anne died. She was the second daughter of James, Duke of York (who became James II) and Anne Hyde. She succeeded William III, her brother-in-law, in 1702. Events of her reign include the War of Spanish Succession, Marlborough's victories at Blenheim, Ramillies, Oudenharde, and Malplaquet, and the union of the English and Scottish parliaments in 1707. Anne was succeeded by George I on August 1st 1714. Estimated Value $6,500 - 7,000. Categories: World Gold Coins
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 Valeur: 1 Guinea
 Métal: Or
 État: Royaume de Grande-Bretagne (1707-1801)
 Personne: Anne (reine de Grande-Bretagne)(166 ...
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Description:   English
Variations: 5 pices
Prix: 4 pices
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