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Description: 1903 Louisiana Purchase-Jefferson Dollar. NGC graded MS-66. CAC Approved. Well struck and untoned. Only 17,500 struck. Brilliant and refreshingly clean for this issue, with flickering luster in the fields and sun-drenched golden devices. The fields are original with satiny eye-appeal. Although the Congress intended this issue to honor the third president, Thomas Jefferson, for his role in acquiring the vast landholding which was named the Louisiana Purchase of by historians, an amendment was made to strike a second coin with President McKinley’s portrait. The Louisiana Purchase encompassed 828,000 square miles of France's claim to the territory of Louisiana. The U.S. paid $11,250,000 plus cancellation of debts worth $3,750,000 for a sum total of 15 million dollars (less than 3 cents per acre) for the Louisiana territory. The region encompassed all or part of 15 present U.S. states and two Canadian provinces (PCGS # 7443) . Estimated Value $1,300 - 1,400. Categories: Commemorative Gold Coins
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Cette pièce a été vendue   $1600.0

Notes: http://www.goldbergcoins.com/view-auctions/catalog/id/34/lot/71495/ $1,300 - $1,400 2014-01-26

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Groupe de pièces
 Valeur: 1 Dollar
 Métal: Or
 État: États-Unis d'Amérique (1776 - )
 Personne: Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)
Description:   English
Variations: 10 pices
Prix: 8 pices
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