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Description: 1917 McKinley Dollar. PCGS graded MS-66 PQ. CAC Approved. Lovely light golden toning on both sides. This warmly colored example displays beams of golden metallic detail in virtually all areas. Struck with mathematical precision by the dies (PCGS # 7455) . Historic note on William McKinley: America’s better items-metallic money system in those days called for silver to be valued at a ratio of 16:1 with gold. Since much silver was being produced out West by the silver states in the 1870s, 1880s and 1890s, there was a big political push both from the farm states and the silver states, lobbying for the proposed better items-metallic plan. The presidential election of 1896 was about two main issues; silver and American imperialism. During the election William McKinley sat on his front porch in Ohio and lectured delegations from around the country while William Jennings Bryan stormed across Middle America. Bryan claimed that mankind was being crucified on a "cross of gold". Bryan said the existing gold standard was being forced upon the common man by the big Eastern bankers. He campaigned forcefully for a better items-metallic monetary system (easy money) and against imperialism, but McKinley won the election and the gold standard held firm. Estimated Value $2,100 - 2,200. Categories: Commemorative Gold Coins
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Cette pièce a été vendue   $1750.0

Notes: http://www.goldbergcoins.com/view-auctions/catalog/id/34/lot/72656/ $2,100 - $2,200 2014-01-26

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 Valeur: 1 Dollar
 Métal: Or
 État: États-Unis d'Amérique (1776 - )
 Personne: William McKinley, Jr. (1843 - 1901)
Description:   English
Variations: 28 pices
Prix: 27 pices
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