1 Dollar

Description: 1937-1947,
KM-37, Schön-37 Country Canada Years 1937-1947 Value 1 Dollar Metal Silver (.8000) Weight 23.3276 g Diameter 36.06 mm Obverse The portrait in left profile of George VI is surrounded with the inscription "GEORGIVS VI D:G:REX ET IND:IMP" (George VI, King and Emperor of India by the grace of God) Note that the engraver's initials 'HP' appear below the portrait of the King. There are three varieties that revolve around these initials: double HP, triple HP and quadruple HP. The varieties come from double, triple or quadruple striking of these initials. In 1945, only the Double HP exists. But for 1947, all four varieties can be found. Lettering: GEORGIVS VI D:G:REX ET IND:IMP: Engraver: Thomas Humphrey Paget Thomas Humphrey Paget OBE was an English medal and coin designer and modeller. Paget's designs are indicated by the initials 'HP'. Paget was first approached by the Royal Mint in 1936 after the accession of King Edward VIII. Paget's recommendation had come via his earlier design for the obverse of a medal featuring the then-Prince of Wales. Reverse A voyageur and an aboriginal travelling by canoe, carrying bundles of which one bears the initials "H.B." for Hudson's Bay Company, are surrounded with the facial value and the inscription "CANADA" Note that in 1946 the coin was made in both Short Water Lines (SWL) variety and Full Water Lines (FWL) variety. SWL consists of three or four short water lines to the right of the canoe, while the FWL coin has four full water lines at the right of the canoe. Lettering: CANADA 1945 DOLLAR Engraver: Emanuel Otto Hahn Emanuel Otto Hahn (30 May 1881 – 14 February 1957) was a German-born Canadian sculptor and coin designer. He taught and later married Elizabeth Wyn Wood. He co-founded and was the first president of the Sculptors' Society of Canada.
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 Valeur: 1 Dollar
 Métal: Argent
 État: Canada
 Personne: George VI (1895-1952)
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Description:   English
Variations: 122 pices
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