1/2 Daler    (Vendue pour $1762.0)

Description: 1753,
SWEDEN. 1/2 Daler Plate Money, 1753. Adolf Fredrik (1751-71).

3.75 x 3.75 in. KM-PM80; AAH-150; BT-A3. RARE (Tingstrom: 39 examples known including 3 pieces from the Nicobar). A plate created by cutting down the sides of a larger Daler plate evidenced by the center stamp of the larger denomination still being present on the reverse of the plate, as well as part of a corner stamp which enigmatically bears a date which appears, even under 3X magnification to be 1754 (see Tingstrom pg.119). Careful examination of the metal around the area near where the obverse and reverse stamps coincide, shows that the stamps from the larger denomination (the reverse) were in fact applied first. One possible scenario to account for this seemingly contradictory situation may have been that the original Daler plate was in fact minted in 1754, but was found to be underweight. It would have needed to be cut down to 1/2 Daler weight and re-stamped, as at that particular time (presumably early in the minting period of 1754) the 1753 1/2 Daler dies were still viable and were used until they broke. This is of course just one theory, and there are a myriad of other possibilities which would lead to this puzzling plate. Will surely be a source of interest to any who studies it. In appearance all of the stamps on the obverse are full and fairly well applied with four full dates. Nice light brown patina. RARE and very interesting.

Pedigree: From the Stanley Aberdeen Collection.
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Groupe de pièces
 Valeur: 1/2 Daler
 Métal: Cuivre
 État: Suède
 Personne: Adolf Frederick of Sweden (1710 - 1771)
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Variations: 25 pices
Prix: 25 pices
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