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Description: 1748,
SWEDEN. Cut Down 1/2 Daler Plate Money, 1748. Fredrik I (1720-51).

4 x 2.5 in.; 245.11 gms. KM-PM65; AAH-300; BT-A29. VERY RARE (Tingstrom: 73 examples known including 22 pieces from the Nicobar). An interesting and standard 1/2 Daler plate piece, which has had portions of two sides cut off to create a plate roughly the weight of a 1/4 Daler. A similar piece (1741 1/2 Daler) is pictured on pg. 119 of Tingstrom noted as having value of 1 Mark = 8 Ore SM. The exact reason for these cut plates is currently unknown. It may have been done to settle trade between two parties when small change was not available. Although the reasoning is unclear, what is certain is that these cut plates remain VERY RARE today. Clearly the cuts are contemporary as there are signs of this plate circulating after the cuts were applied. Some scattered specks of verdigris, including some which encroaches on the secondary cuts (thus helping attest to their authenticity). The stamps are fairly well applied, and remnants of all corner stamps are present. There is one remaining full date and one partial date. Light brown patina. Very interesting.

Pedigree: From the Stanley Aberdeen Collection.
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 Valeur: 1/2 Daler
 Métal: Cuivre
 État: Suède
 Personne: Adolf Frederick of Sweden (1710 - 1771)
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Variations: 25 pices
Prix: 25 pices
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