100 Corona    (sold for $1053.0)

Description: Austria, Franz Joseph (1848-1916), 100-Corona, 1915 restrike, head right, rev. eagle (F.507R; KM.2819), extremely fine
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This coin has been sold for   $1053.0

Notes: http://www.sixbid.com/browse.html?auction=942&category=19368&lot=900540 Estimate:700 GBP EUR 836.87 USD 1'134.39 CHF 1'024.72 * Approximations only * Date: 2013-10-01    2013-10-01

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Coin Group
 Denomination: 100 Corona
 Metal: Gold
 State: Austria-Hungary (1867-1918)
 Person: Franz Joseph I (1830 - 1916)
 Catalog reference:
  Fr-507 424
Description:   English
Coin variations: 21 instance(s)
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