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24 Mariengroschen Saint-Empire romain germanique (962-1806) Argent Jean-Frédéric de Brunswick-Calenberg
2020-12-22  smartcoin
24 Mariengroschen Saint-Empire roma ...
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2,8 Ecu Gibraltar Cuivre/Nickel Elizabeth II (1926-)
2020-12-11  smartcoin
2,8 Ecu Gibraltar Cuivre/Nickel Eli ...
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An Anna (Hindustani आना ānā) was a currency unit formerly used in India, equal to 1/16 rupee. It was subdivided into 4 Paise or 12 Pies (thus there were 64 paise in a rupee and 192 pies). The term belonged to the Muslim monetary system. The Anna is not commonly used since India decimalised its ...


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CoinWorldTV 1808, Italy, Kingdom of Napoleon. Large Copper Soldo Coin. (VF) Milan mint! Con ...