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Russian Empire's Gold (29pièces)   spa1   Nice gold coins issued during Russian Empires lifetime. Russian E ...

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1 Thaler States of Germany Argent
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1 Thaler States of Germany Argent
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The Kreuzer, in English usually kreutzer, was a silver coin and unit of currency existing in the southern German states prior to the unification of Germany, and in Austria.Early historyIn 1559 a value of 60 Kreuzer to 1 gulden had been adopted throughout the Southern states of the Holy Roman Em ...

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CoinWorldTV 1899, Japan, Meiji Period. Beautiful Silver 50 Sen (½ Yen) Coin. XF-AU! Referen ...
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5 Mark République de Weimar (1918-1933) Argent
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    1 Rouble Argent Nicolas I (1796-1855)
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