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1901, Gottingen (Lower Saxony). Silver Shooting "City-View" Klippe Medal. XF-

Mint Year: 1901 Reference: Peltzer 1206   Condition: Minimal deposits, otherwise a nice XF-AU! Denomination: Klippe Shooting Medal - 23rd German North-West-District Shooting in Göttingen 1901. Material: Silver (.990) Weight: 27.63gm Diameter:  49mm

Obverse: Standing person holding a beer mug in front of city-view of Göttingen. Crowned coat-of-arms of the City on oak-spray below. Banner with name of the city above.

Reverse: The Bismark Tower (Bismarkturm, named after the Chancellor of Germany) surrounded by trees. Legend: XXIII. NORDWESTDEUTSCHES BEZIRKSSCHIESSEN / 1901 Translated: "23rd German North-West-District Shooting Göttingen, 1901"


Göttingen ( Low German: Chöttingen) is a university city in Lower Saxony, Germany, the capital of the eponymous district. It is run through by River Leine. At the start of 2017, the population was 134,212. In 1854 the city was connected to the new Hanoverian Southern Railway.

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