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1070, Ceylon, Chola Invasion Period. Scarce Gold Kahavanu (Stater) Coin. 4.41gm!

Mint Period:  980/990-1070 AD Denomination: Gold Stater (Kahavanu)  Condition: Crudely struck as usual, otherwise VF-XF!  Reference: Friedberg 1, Sirisena 69, Mitchiner 825, Sirisena 44.  R! Diameter: 19mm Weight: 4.41gm Material: Gold! 

Obverse: King seated, holding aloft a rosette. Legend in right field. Legend: Sri Lamka Vibhu ("The fortunate Lord of Ceylon!")

Reverse: King standing facing right, holding aloft a double crescent. Altar, flame and pellets–in–annulets in fields.

The Ceylonese gold in the name of the "Lord of Sri Lanka" is believed to   have been struck starting around 960 and continued through the period   of the Chola occupation, with Raja Raja Chola completing the conquest   around 1001, and continuing until the expulsion of the Cholas by Vijaya   Bahu around 1070. The standard anonymous coinage has figures of the king   holding a sankh shell and lotus respectively on obverse and reverse.   Variant types (see following lot) may have been struck at subsidiary   mints around the island, or possibly even on the Indian mainland in Tamilnadu.

Authenticity on all offered coins guaranteed.

The Kingdom of Rajaranta is the name given to the kingdom that ruled the Sri Lanka from northern part of Sri Lanka from approximately the 5th Century BCE to the early 13th Century CE. It   was centered around the ancient cities of Tambapanni, Upatissa   Nuwara,Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa. Rajarata was under direct   administration of the King, other areas (Malaya rata,Ruhunu rata) were   ruled by brothers of King called by "Mapa" and "Epa".

The geographical designation Rajarata (Raja = king, rata = country, or preferably area, thus the area of King) is the name given to the region of Sri Lanka from which these monarchs ruled.

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