5 Franc


1849, France (2nd Republic).  Large Silver 5 Francs Coin. About XF!

Mint year: 1849 Mint Place: Paris (A) Denomination: 5 Francs References: Davenport 93, KM-761.1. Condition: SNumerous circulation-marks, scattered bag-mark and light oxidation spots, otherwise about XF! Material: Silver (.900) Weight: 24.88gm Diameter: 37mm

Obverse: Wreathed female head to left, with bound hair and pearl necklace. Star above, engraver´s name below. Legend: REPUBLIQUE FRANCAISE. / E.A.OUIDINE.F. Reverse: Denomination (5 FRANCS) and date (1849) within wreath, mint initial below, flanked by privy marks. Legend: LIBERTE . EGALITE . FRATERNITE . (privy mark: pointing hand) A (privy mark: oil-lamp)

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The French Second Republic (or simply the Second Republic) was the republican government of France between the 1848 Revolution and the coup by Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte which initiated the Second Empire. It officially adopted the motto Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite. The Second Republic witnessed the tension between the "Social and Democratic Republic" (French: la Republique democratique et sociale) and a liberal form of Republic, which exploded during the June Days Uprising of 1848.

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 Denominación: 5 Franc
 Metal: Plata
 Estado: Segunda República Francesa (1848-1852)
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Variaciones de moneda: 58 pieza(s)
Precio: 53 pieza(s)
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