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1862, Saxony-Albertine, John of Saxony. Beautiful Silver Thaler Coin. XF-AU!

  Mint Year: 1862 Denomination:  Thaler Mint Place: Dresden Mint. Mint master: Gustav Julius Buschick (B) Condition: Minor contact-marks in obvverse, otherwise XF-AU!  Reference: Davenport 895, Jaeger 126, Kahnt 470,   KM-1214. R! Material: Silver (.900) Weight: 18.52gm Diameter: 33mm

Obverse: Head of John as King of Saxony left. Mint master´s initial (B) below. Legend: IOHANN V. G. G. KOENIG VON SACHSEN Reverse: Crowned coat of arms of Saxony, supported by roaring lions. Order and band with  motto below. Legend:  XXX EIN PFUND FEIN * 1867 * EIN VEREINSTHALER Motto: PROVIDENTIAE MEMOR

John (full name: Johann Nepomuk Maria Joseph Anton Xaver Vincenz Aloys Franz de Paula Stanislaus Bernhard Paul Felix Damasus) (German: Johann; b. Dresden, 12 December 1801 – d. Pillnitz, 29 October 1873) was a King of Saxony and a member of the House of Wettin.

He was the third son of Maximilian, Prince of Saxony --younger son of the Elector Frederick Christian of Saxony—by his first wife, Caroline of Bourbon, Princess of Parma.

During most of his life, Johann stood little chance of inheriting  the Saxon Crown: he was preceded by his father and two older brothers,  Frederick Augustus and Klemens. However, in 1822 Klemens died unmarried  in Italy, and Johann was now only preceded in the line of succession by his older brother Frederick Augustus .

When his uncle Anton succeeded his older brother as king (1827),  Johann became the third in line to the throne, and after the father  Maximilian renunciated his succession rights in 1830, Johan became in  the second in line. Johann's older brother became King Frederick  Augustus II in 1836; now he was the first in line of succession to the  throne as Crown Prince (de: Kronprinz). The King, married twice, was childless. Johann remained as Heir presumptive during all the reign of his brother.

    Johann became King of Saxony after the death of his brother Frederick Augustus II on 9 August 1854.

The Judiciary Organization of 1855, the extension of the railroad  network, the introduction of the freedom of trade are mainly to be owed  to his suggestion and promotion. Under his government, came the  acceptance of the French Commercial Treaty (1862) and the  acknowledgment of a contract with Italy. He exerted himself under  influence of his minister Friedrich Ferdinand von Beust for the Great Germany Solution (de: Großdeutsche Lösung) of the imperial arrangement (under inclusion of Austria). In 1866 Saxony fought on the Austrian side in the Austro-Prussian War. Finally, after the defeat of the Battle of Königgrätz, Saxony joined the North German Confederation and in 1871 the German Empire under the hegemony of the Kingdom of Prussia. The King died two years later, aged seventy-one.

Beyond his political work, Johann was busy with literature. Under the pseudonym Philalethes he translated to German the Dante's Divine Comedy; some parts of this work were placed in the Schloss Weesenstein. The Dresden district of Johannstadt was named after him.

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