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Descripción: G Victoria, sovereign, 1874, die no. 32, young head l., rev. crowned shield of arms within wreath (S.3853B; M.58), light scratch on neck, otherwise extremely fine, extremely rare Rated R4 by Marsh, this was the final date of issue of this variety, with by far the smallest mintage of the entire series of Die Numbers on Shield reverses with ‘W.W.’ in relief (520,713 pieces among some 55 million struck between 1863 and 1874). Our technical description does not do justice to the overall strong eye-appeal of this specimen, which sports an especially bold shield combined with a lovely portrait of the queen, having no serious abrasion, and the colour is that of fine old gold. A special coin for any advanced collector of gold sovereigns.
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Esta moneda ha sido vendida por   $13978.0

Notes: http://www.sixbid.com/browse.html?auction=1888&category=39131&lot=1652985 Estimate:6'000 GBP EUR 8'254.62 USD 9'318.94 CHF 8'669.87 * Approximations only * Date: 2015-05-19    2015-05-19

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Grupo de Moneda
 Denominación: 1 Sovereign
 Metal: Oro
 Estado: Reino Unido de Gran Bretaña e Irlan ...
 Persona: Victoria (1819 - 1901)
 Referencia en catálogo:
  Seaby-3852 3853B 3855
Descripción:   Русский   English
Variaciones de moneda: 320 pieza(s)
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