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Descripción: CoinWorldTV 1899-B, China/Hong Kong. Large British Colonial Silver Dollar Crown. Lustre AU+ Mint Year: 1899 Denomination: Dollar Mint Place: Bombay (B) Reference: Davenport 407, KM-T5. Condition: Struck with lightly rotated dies, otherwise a nice lustre AU+ Diameter: 39mm Material: Silver Weight: 26.9gm Obverse: Britannia standing on shore, holding a trident and British shield. A a merchant ship under full sail in the background. Comment: Incuse mint letter (B) inside trident! Legend: ONE DOLLAR / 1899 Reverse: Arabesque design with the Chinese symbol for longevity in the center, and the denomination in two languages - Chinese and Jawi Malay. For your consideration a beautiful silver trade dollar coin, issued for Hong-Kong as a British Colony during 1900. With the extension of British trading interest's in the East, especially after the founding of Singapore in 1819 and Hong Kong in 1842, it became necessary to produce a special Dollar so as to remove the reliance of a British Colony upon the various foreign coins then in circulation. Bid with Confidence! The British Trade Dollar was minted from 1895 for Hong Kong and the Straits Settlements. But after the Straits dollar was introduced to the Straits Settlements in 1903, it became exclusively a Hong Kong coin, with the last being produced in 1935. Those with the mint mark "B" were produced at the Bombay mint; others, marked "C", were struck in Calcutta. Only 1$ shipping for each additional item purchased!
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Grupo de Moneda
 Denominación: 1 Dólar
 Metal: Plata
 Estado: Hong Kong
Imperio británico (1497 - 1949)
 Referencia en catálogo:
  KM-TN5 T5
Descripción:   Русский   English
Variaciones de moneda: 367 pieza(s)
Imágenes adicionales:
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