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1793,CHINA. Tibet. Silver Issues, ca. 1793-1953.5 pieces in lot. Includes Tangkas and Sho/Srang coinage. The Sho piece from 1793 was previously mounted as noted on the PCGS holder. All other piec ...

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Tibet, Qian Long, ¾-Sho (Half-Tangka), 2.57g, 58th year, four groups of six beads on both sides (YZM 52; KM. C#66.1; LM 638A), very fine and rare

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1936,CHINA. Tibet. Srang Coinage, ca. 1936-53.4 pieces in lot. A high grade quartet of three denominations. Includes: 1936 & 1938 1 1/2 Srangs (Y-24), 1936 3 Srang (Y-26) and ca. 1953 present ...

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2021-09-17 - New coin is added to 50 Cent Canadá Plata Jorge V (1865-1936)

    50 Cent Canadá Plata Jorge V (1865-1936)
grupo tiene    24 monedas / 23 precios

CoinWorldTV 1919, Canada, Newfoundland, George V. Silver 50 Cents (½ Dollar) Coin. F+ Condition: F+ Mint Year: 1919 References: KM-12. Mint Place: Ottawa (C) Denomination: 50 Cents (½ Dolla ...
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