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50 Krone Kingdom of Norway (1905 - ) Silver Olav V of Norway (1903 - 1991)
2021-08-27  smartcoin
50 Krone Kingdom of Norway (1905 - ...
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5 Pound Jersey Silver Elizabeth II (1926-)
2021-09-03  smartcoin
5 Pound Jersey Silver Elizabeth II ...
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Hexagram was a large silver coin of the Byzantine Empire issued primarily during 7th century AD during the reigns of Heraclius, Constans II, and Constantine IV. It weighed about 6 grams.
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If you don’t know if you need to be regulated – you can check here at the attached list – UK list of regulated professions .

Frequently asked Questions :

Where will you be working in the UK ? Some professions have separate regulators in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Make sure you contact the appropriate regulator for where you want to work.
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