Price: $21.0
Sold: 2021-11-23
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Price: $108.0
Sold: 2021-11-29
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1 Ruble Russian Federation (1991 - ) Steel/Brass
2021-01-05  smartcoin
1 Ruble Russian Federation (1991 - ...
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5 Penny Grand Duchy of Finland (1809 - 1917)  Alexander II of Russia (1818-1881)
2020-12-10  spa1
5 Penny Grand Duchy of Finland (180 ...
6 coins / 6 prices
Andronicus II (Andronicus Palaeologus) , 1258-1332, Byzantine emperor (1282-1328), son and successor of Michael VIII. He devoted himself chiefly to church affairs, renewing the schism by renouncing (1282) the union established at the Second Council of Lyons. He made a treaty with the rising kin ...
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