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270 BC

Ptolemy II Philadelphus (309BC-246BC)             


Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt. Arsinoe II, wife of Ptolemy II, d. 270 BC. AR Dekadrachm (35.53 g) minted posthumously under Ptolemy II, c. 253-246(?) BC. Veiled head right of Arsinoe II, wearing diadem and stephane; in left field, “MM”(?). Reverse: Double cornucopiae bound with fillet. Cf. Troxell (ANS MN 28) plate 7, 7; cf. Svoronos 947. Having absolutely none of the usual flan crac ...
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1 Dekadrachm Ptolemaic Kingdom (332BC-30BC) Silver Ptolemy II Philadelphus (309BC-246BC)
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Date: 2011-05-29
Info: $8,000 - $9,000 2011-05-29
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