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Nicholas I of Russia (1796-1855)                   
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Russia. 5 Rubles, 1847-SPB AG. Bitkin 1st ed-28; Fr-155; KM-C175.3. Nicholas I. Eagle. Reverse: Value and date.


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Russia. 5 Roubles, 1846-СПБ АГ. Fr-155; KM-C175.3; Sev-451. Nicholas I. Very Fine. Estimated Value $300 - 350 Categories: World Gold
2021-02-18 - New coin is added to 8 Escudo Peru Gold

    8 Escudo Peru Gold
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1821,Peru. Republik seit 1821. 8 Escudos 1863 YB. K.M. 183, Friedberg 68. GOLD. Vorzüglich - Stempelglanz
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    1 Ruble Russian Empire (1720-1917) Silver Ivan VI Antonovich ...
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1741,RUSSIA. Ruble, 1741-CNB. Ivan VI (1740-41). NGC EF Details--Scratches.KM-207.2; Bit-21; Dia-6; Dav-1676. RARE. Emperor Ivan VI Antonovich of Russia was made heir to the Empire of Russia by h ...
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