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5 Ruble    (aboutRuble)
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Y# 42 5 ROUBLES6.4516 g., 0.9000 Gold .1867 oz. AGW Ruler: Alexander III Note:Without mint mark, moneyer’s initials on edge. Edge varieties exist.Russia. 5 Roubles, 1894. Fr-151; KM# Y-42. Alexander III.


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Posted by: anonymous  2015-08-20
RUSSIAN COINS Alexander III 5 Roubles 1889 AГ- AГ. GOLD. Fr 168, Bit 34, Sev 536 (S), Uzd 0300 (R ). Rare variety with initials AГ on truncation. Authenticated and graded by NGC AU 55. Scarce. Good lustre Choice about uncirculated
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