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5 Lira    (aboutLira)
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CoinWorldTV 1848, Republic of Venice (Provisional Government). Large Silver 5 Lira Crown. Mint place: Venice Denomination: 5 Lire Mintage: 11,000 pcs. Reference: Davenport 208, Pagani 177, KM-186. Material: Silver (.900) Weight: 24.85gm Diameter: 38mm Obverse: Winged and nimbate lion of St. Mark left, holding book with gospels. Book Inscription: PAX TIBI MAR/CE EVAN GELI/STA MEVS ("M ...


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Posted by: anonymous  2018-11-13
CoinWorldTV 1848, Venice (Provisional Government). Beautiful Silver 5 Lire Coin. PCGS MS-61! Mint Year: 1848 Denomination: 5 Lire Mint Place: Venice (V) Mintage: 11,000 pcs. Condition: Certified and graded by PCGS as MS-61! Reference: Davenport 207, Pagani 177, Montenegro 90, C#186, KM ...
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