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5 Lepta 1834


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Posted by: anonymous  2015-12-05
Ausländische Münzen und Medaillen Griechenland Cu 5 Lepta 1839, Athen. Divo 21 f, K.M. 16. Fast Stempelglanz

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Posted by: anonymous  2015-08-20
WORLD COINS. GREECE. Otho. Copper 5-Lepta, 1839, Athens (Divo 21f; KM 16). In ANACS holder graded AU58 DIE CHIP. Evidence of die chip in right reverse field. $350
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10 Franc Switzerland Gold
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    10 Franc Switzerland Gold
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1916,Schweiz-Eidgenossenschaft. 10 Franken 1916 B. Friedberg 504, HMZ 2-1196 f. In US Plastic-H ...
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