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CoinWorldTV 1937, Spain (Republic). Beautiful Copper 50 Centimos Coin. Lustre Uncirculated! Mint Year: 1937 Denomination: 50 Centimos Condition: Lustre uncirculated! Diameter: 23mm Material: Silver Weight: 5.94gm Obverse: Female togated personification of the Spanish Republic, seated, holding olive-spray. Legend: REPUBLICA ESPAGNOLA Dexergue: * 1937 * Reverse: Large value num ...


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Posted by: neman  2010-10-27
km#754,1, бордюр-точки
2021-05-11 - New coin is added to 1 Denga Russian Empire (1720-1917) Copper Catherine II (1729 ...

    1 Denga Russian Empire (1720-1917) Copper Catherine II (1729 ...
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Catherine II, the Great 1729-1796 1768 Denga 1768, Suzun Mint, КМ. 3.24 g. Novodel. Bitkin H1174 (R2). Very rare. Magnificent brilliant uncirculated with full mint lustre. Деньга 1768, Сузунский ...
2021-05-08 - New coin is added to 5 Sho Tibet Silver

    5 Sho Tibet Silver
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Tibet, Anonymous (13th Dalai Lama), 5-Sho, 8.48g, Dode mint, 15-50 (1916), snow lion looking upwards, as previous lot, tail has eight strands and lion 'thin' with small circle around, rev. trirat ...
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