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Austria, Archduke Ferdinand Charles (1632-1662), 3 Kreuzer, 1650, Hall Mint FERDIN CAROL . D : G . ARCHID . AV . Crowned, draped bust of Ferdinand Charles right, 16 | 50 across fields COM . TYROLIS . DVX . BVRGVND : Two shields of arms in inner circle, rosette above, 3 in oval below Rolled flan 20mm x 21mm, 1.50g, Silver Mintage: 1,787,000KM 829 variant Note: V ...


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Posted by: anonymous  2016-09-21
CoinWorldTV 1656, Archduke Ferdinand Charles. Silver 3 Kreuzer Coin. Full date Variety! Mint Year: 1656 Condition: XF-AU! Denomination: 3 Kreuzer Mint Place: Hall (Tyrol, Austria) Reference: KM-852. var. (here the full date is appearing in right field, there the date split in both ...

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Posted by: anonymous  2016-08-30
CoinWorldTV 1662, Archduke Sigismund Francis. Silver 3 Kreuzer (Groschen) Coin. Hall mint! Mint Year: 1662 Reference: KM-1209. Mint Place: Hall (Tyrol) Denomination: 3 Kreuzer Ruler: Archduke Sigismund Francis Condition: Minor deposits, otherwise XF-AU! Diameter: 21mm Weight: 1. ...
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