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CoinWorldTV 1665, Philip IV of Spain. Scarce Gold 2 Escudos Cob Coin. Mint Place: Seville Assayer: Not visible. Mint Period: 1521-1665 Denomination: 2 Escudos Reference: Friedberg 169, KM-82. Ruler: Philip IV (Felipe IV) of Spain. Diameter: 22mm Material: Gold! Weight: 6.83gm Obverse: Cross of Jerusalem within quatrefoil with lis terminating inner corners. Four annulets in outer f ...


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Posted by: anonymous  2015-09-01
SPANIEN Königreich Felipe II. 1556-1598. 2 Escudos o.J., Sevilla. Mmz. P. 6.76 g. C.T. 51. Fr. 170. Sehr schön.
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