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CoinWorldTV 1799, Roman Republic (Rome City as Napoleonic State). Copper 2 Baiocchi Coin. Mint Year: 1799 Reference: Pagani 1, C#6.5. Denomination: 2 Baiocchi (Due Baiocchi) Material: Copper Weight: 18.58gm Diameter: 36mm Obverse: Value (Two Baiocchi) inside wreath. Legend: DVE BAIOC CHI Reverse: Liberty cap on top of fasces, A in left field Legend: REPVBBLICA ROMANA / AP (in exer ...


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Posted by: anonymous  2015-09-28
Italy. Roman Republic (1798-1799). Gubbio. Bronzed Tin, 2 baiocchi, ND (Bronzed tin - 19,47g). Cf. Pag. 33b; Cf. Mont. 4; LMN - cf. 1106; Cf. KM 42.2. Corrosions. Probably issued at the second part of the XIXth c. About extremely fine.
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