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CoinWorldTV 1841, India (British), East India Company, Queen Victoria. Silver 2 Annas Coin. Mint Date: 1841 Mint Place: Calcutta Reference: KM-460.2. Denomination: 2 Annas Material: Sterling Silver (.925) Diameter: 15mm Weight: 1.45gm Obverse: Bare bust of Queen Victoria left. Raised engraver´s initials (W.W.) on bust truncation! Legend: VICTORIA QUEEN Reverse: Bi-lingual denomin ...


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Posted by: anonymous  2015-08-23
Victoria, Silver Proof Restrike Mule 2-Annas 1841C, continuous legend, rev without dot (not listed in KM, see KM 459.2 for obverse and KM 460 (type) for reverse; SW -). In NGC holder graded PL64, rare, unlisted as a mule in the major sources. £400-500
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