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1895 - 1901

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CoinWorldTV 1896, Russia, Emperor Nicholas II. Silver 25 Kopeks (1/4 Rouble) Coin. Mint Year: 1896 Reference: KM-57. Mint Place: St. Petersburg Denomination: 25 Kopeks (1/4 Rouble) Material: Silver (.900) Diameter: 23mm Weight: 4.94gm Obverse: Head on Nicholas II left. Legend (Translated): "Nicholas II Emperor and Sole Ruler of all Russia" Reverse: Double-headed eagle with shi ...


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Posted by: anonymous  2015-08-18
Russian Coins and Historical Medals. Nicholas II, 1894-1917 Commemoratives 25 Kopecks 1896. Bit 96, Sev 4029, Uzd 2073. Authenticated and graded by NGC MS 62. Satiny with peripheral golden hues. Brilliant uncirculated and choice
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