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CoinWorldTV 1913, Germany/Prussia, Wilhelm II. Nice Gold 20 Mark Coin Mint Date: 1913 Reference: KM-537 Mint Place: Berlin (A) Denomination: 20 Mark Material: Gold (.900) Weight: 7,96gm Obverse: Uniformed bust of Wilhelm II as German Emperor and King of Prussia right. Legend: WILHELM II DEUTSCHER KAIER KÖNIG VON PREUSSEN / A Reverse: Crown of the German Empire above heraldic eagle o ...


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1914,GERMANY. Prussia. 20 Marks, 1914-A. PCGS Genuine--Cleaning, Unc Details.Fr-3833; KM-537.PCGS#: 290235
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20 Mark Kingdom of Prussia (1701-1918) Gold Wilhel ...
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3 Mark Weimar Republic (1918-1933) Silver
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