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CoinWorldTV 1810, Emperor Francis II (as Francis I of Austria). Silver 20 Kreuzer Coin. Mint year: 1810 Reference: KM-2142. Mint Place: Vienna (A) Denomination: 20 Kreuzer Diameter: 28mm Material: Silver Weight: 6.56gm Obverse: Wreathed bust of Francis I as Emperor right. Mint initial (A) below. Legend: FRANCISCVS I, D[EI] G[RATIA] AVSTRIAE IMPERATOR . Translated: "Francis I, by the ...


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Posted by: anonymous  2017-02-14
1765, Emperor Francis Stephen. Silver 20 Kreuzer Coin. Nagybanya! Mint Year: 1765 Reference: KM-2028. Mint Place: Nagybanya (NB) Condition: Cleaned in the past, otherwise VF. Diameter: 28mm Material: Silver Weight: 6.48gm Obverse: Wreahted bust of Francis I Stephen right. Initial ...
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