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20 Franc
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1854, France (2nd Republic), Napoleon III. Nice Gold 20 Francs Coin. 6.41gm! Mint Year: 1854 Mint Place: Paris (A) Reference: KM-781.1. Denomination: 20 Francs. Material: Gold (.900) Diameter: 21mm Weight: 6.41gm Obverse: Bare head on Louis-Napoleon as Emperor right. Engraver´s signature (BARRE) flanked by privy marks below. Legend: NAPOLEON III EMPEREUR (privy mark: dog&acu ...


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CoinWorldTV 1860, France (2nd Empire), Napoleon III. Beautiful Gold 20 Francs Coin. 6.44gm! Mint Year: 1860 Mint Place: Paris (A) Denomination: 20 Francs. Reference: Friedberg 585 , KM-784.4. Condition: Numerous circulation-marks, a few edge hits and light scratches, otherwise a nice ...
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