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1833, Kingdom of Wurttemberg, William I. Silver “Free Trade” Crown Thaler Coin.Mint Year: 1833Mint Place: Stuttgart (Germany)Engravers: Johann Ludwig Wagner (W) / Carl Wilhelm Doell (D)Denomination: Thaler (Kronentaler) - Free Trade Commemorative! References: Davenport 955, AKS 67, Stutzmann 1658, KM-570. R!Weight: 29.36gmDiameter: 39mmMaterial: SilverObverse: Head of William I as ...


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Posted by: anonymous  2015-09-03
Germany, Württemberg, Wilhelm I (1816-64), Kronentaler, 1833 D, 'Handelsfreiheit' (free trade), head right, rev. standing figure, river god to left, cornucopia to right (Dav.955; J.55; KM 570), adjustment marks on obverse, extremely fine
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