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KM# 7 SOVEREIGN7.9881 g., 0.9170 Gold .2354 oz. AGW Obv: Young head, mintmark below Rev: St. George slaying dragon, date belowNote: Mintage figures include St. George and shield types.No separate mintage figures are known. Young Head St. George & Dragon Reverse To many people, St. George slaying the dragon epitomises the gold sovereign. It certainly is a very famous and well recognise ...


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Posted by: anonymous  2015-04-30
1880,AUSTRALIA. Sovereign, 1880-M. Melbourne Mint. NGC MS-61.Fr-12; KM-6. St. George and shield. Lustrous and attractive for the grade.

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Posted by: anonymous  2015-03-02
Australia. Sovereign, 1885-M. Fr-16; KM-6. Weight 0.2355 ounce. Victoria. Young head. Reverse: St. George. NGC graded About Uncirculated, Details (Surface Hairlines). Estimated Value $350 - 375. Categories: World Gold
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