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Russia. Ruble, 1721. Diakov-4; Petrov 2 (Rare-25 Rubles); Dav-1655; KM-157.5. Peter I, The Great. Variety with three dots over the head. Laureate head right. Reverse :: Eagle.


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Posted by: anonymous  2015-09-01
Russian coins and medals from other properties Российские монеты и медали из других источников Peter I. 1682-1725 Rouble 1721, Kadashevsky Mint. 27.71g. Bitkin 439. Very rare. 25 roubles according to Petrov. Good very fine. Рубль 1721 г, Кадашевский МД. 27.71г. Биткин 439. Очень редкий. 25 рубл ...
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