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1 Ruble    (aboutRuble)
Issue year(s):
1742 - 1753

Jelisaweta I Petrowna (1709-1762)                   
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KM# C.19RUSSIA, Elizabeth, silver rouble, 1749 St. Petersburg (KM.C.19b.4, D.1678, Sev.1545). Good very fine or better.


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Posted by: anonymous  2015-12-06
Ausländische Münzen und Medaillen Russland Rubel 1754, St. Petersburg. Münzmeister Yakov Ivanov. 'Scott-Rubel'. Harris 84, Davenport 1679, Bitkin 274. Schön - sehr schön

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Posted by: anonymous  2015-09-04
Russia Russia, Ruble 1754, Petersburg Waga/Weight: 25,53 g, Metal: Ag, Średnica/diameter: 40,0 mm, Stan zachowania/condition: 2 Aw.: Popiersie carycy w prawo, w małej koronie i legenda otokowa.Rw.: Dwugłowy orzeł rosyjski pod carską koroną, nominał i data 1754 Literatura/literature:Bitkin 274

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Posted by: anonymous  2015-09-01
Russian coins and medals from other properties Российские монеты и медали из других источников Elizabeth, 1741-1761 Rouble 1754, St. Petersburg Mint, ЯI. 26.02g. Bitkin 274. 2 roubles acc. to Petrov. About extremely fine. Рубль 1754, СПб МД, ЯI. 26.02г. Биткин 274. 2 рубля по Петрову. Состояние ...
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