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1 Ducat    (aboutDucat)
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1633 - 1768

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1633, Netherlands, Overijssel. Scarce Early Gold Knight Ducat Coin. R! Mint date: 1633 Denomination: Gold Knight Ducat Reference: Friedberg 268, Delmonte 1044, KM-7. R! Material: Pure Gold! Diameter: 23mm Weight: 3.48gm Obverse: Knight standing right in armour, holding sword which rests on shoulder and a bundle of arrows, splitting date (16-33). Legend: CONCORDIA . RES PARVAE . CRES . ...


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Posted by: anonymous  2015-05-01
1729,NETHERLANDS. Utrecht. Ducat, 1729. NGC Unc Details--Surface Hairlines.Fr-285; KM-7.4. Minor surface roughness from saltwater submersion. With certificate of origin.Pedigree: From the David Gray Collection. Purchased Private Treaty from Frank Sedwick September, 1995. Ex: Vlliegenthart.
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